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How to Set Up an IT Infrastructure for Your Small Business, According to a Managed Services Provider

 When it comes to setting up an IT infrastructure for your small business, it can be tempting to simply slap some stuff together and hope everything works out. You might simply use the consumer solutions you rely on at home, for example, and improvise as you go along.

Big mistake. A poorly-developed IT infrastructure will create challenges, lower productivity, and expose you to risks. A sound IT infrastructure will lay a solid foundation for your small business to thrive. Technologies are evolving at a rapid rate, and those companies that embrace tech are often able to carve out competitive advantages.

Meanwhile, security risks are increasing, more business is being conducted online, and both consumer and business customers are relying more on technology and the Internet during the purchasing process.

Small business owners need to take all of this into account and set up a powerful, flexible, and secure IT system that will work for the success of their business. 

Choose Your Hardware Wisely

You’re going to be buying hardware, and potentially, a lot of it. First, servers, which are the heart and brain of your business infrastructure. Servers alone can easily eat up your IT budget, especially since they come with a requirement for someone on-site to maintain them, and those IT experts come with a hefty price. Then, many of your employees will need computers, company phones, access to printers and more. You might need fax machines, conferencing equipment, and other hardware as well.

It might be tempting to pick up the cheapest hardware on the market. Sometimes that’s alright. However, buying cheap hardware now could cost you more in the long run. First, if the hardware doesn’t actually meet your needs, you may need to quickly upgrade. Second, if it breaks down quickly, you’ll have to replace it. Finally, is any of your hardware is incompatible, you may experience slow-downs and potentially dangerous crashes. 

An cost-effective and hands-off alternative to on-site hardware is IT infrastructure in a cloud, offered by trusted MSPs like 3nom and chosen by more and more small business owners. In addition to hosting and managing your business’s IT on our servers, 3nom has a comprehensive processes of monitoring your IT operations, preventive maintenance, and reporting. Outsourced IT infrastructure may be right for you is you prefer to not worry about these aspects of your IT performance and know your business’s lifeline is stable, efficient, and secure.  

Make Sure You Select the Right Software

When it comes to operating systems, there are three main choices: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Beyond that, however, developers have put together countless software solutions that small businesses could benefit from.

Microsoft, Google, and various other companies offer office suites. For many companies, Microsoft Office is the go-to-choice, but your business might benefit by using another option. Then there are messaging apps, like Slack, project management tools such as Trello, and many more.

What’s important is figuring out your needs, bottlenecks, pain points, and other challenges. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming, but as a managed service provider, 3nom can help you choose the right software stack. In fact, one of the favorite challenges of our CTO, Avrohom Liberman, is to design customized software solutions that improve your business’s productivity and save you costs through automation. Drop him a note today!

Setting Up IT Security

IT Security is a huge risk. Your operating system, communication lines, databases, smartphones, and other devices could be hacked by unscrupulous parties. Cybersecurity attacks can be very expensive and can even push small companies out of business. Selecting the right security software and setting up proper protocols and policies is now a must. 3nom has developed a free security webinar that is a must for all your technical and non-technical employees — listen to it HERE.

Make Sure You Can Communicate

What phone system offers the best value for your business? Forty years ago, you didn’t have many choices, but these days there are a variety of options, including VoIP, Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and other solutions. Some small businesses might be better off simply giving everyone a company smartphone. Selecting the right system depends on your needs.

Likewise, how fast does your Internet connection need to be? Should it be wired or wireless? If your company is not heavily reliant on the web, a consumer-grade system might work. For many businesses, however, faster internet connections are all but required.

Make it Easy and Cost-Effective with a Managed Service Provider

Does the above seem like a lot to consider? For better or worse, there are many other considerations. That’s why it’s best to work with technology experts that already know the ins and outs of building an IT infrastructure for small businesses.

By working with a managed service provider, you’ll not only avoid a lot of headaches, but you’ll likely save money and boost productivity. An MSP will help you make the right choices by finding solutions that fit your needs. 

3nom has helped over 30 small businesses set up cost-effective IT infrastructures that withstand the test of time and scale as the businesses grow. Schedule your free consultation with your 3nom expert today to get started!


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