EDR – Sentinel One


$5 Per Endpoint per month



About the Product

3nom EDR protects your business from ransomware attacks and allows you to roll back any and all decives to their pre-threat state. No matter what strain of ransomware is holding hostage, 3nom EDR can restore infected machines to a fully productive state with the click of a button. This will eliminate threats that outsmart traditional AV solutions and save you time trying to support and manage your own systems and security.


Managed Endpoint Detection and Response:
  • Help prevent ransomware by rolling back devices to their pre-infection state.
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent both current and emerging threats, with continual updates to the platform.
  • Monitor processes before, during, and after execution, to prevent new threats from slipping in.
  • Monitor your systems in real-time.
  • Keep device performance fast with continual monitoring.