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Welcome the 3nom Security Awareness Training.  In each module, we have used our industry knowledge on important topics such as WiFi, Browsers, and email to help you understand the common pitfalls and how to avoid an outsider attack on your computer or company data.

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Find out why cybersecurity matters for every business and individual, take a peek inside a hacker’s brain and learn what to expect from the rest of the course.

Browser Security

In this section, we dive deep into the ways to protect yourself while browsing the internet. You will learn about the most prolific types of attacks, including the infamous Microsoft scam and why conveniently storing your passwords in your browser is a bad idea. You’ll walk away knowing how to recognize potentially dangerous sites and protect your information from them, and strengthen your knowledge with a set of practical exercises at the end. 


In this module, you will learn how to send and receive email attachments without compromising your business. We will also take a careful look at spoofing, scams, and spam, and identify effective ways to combat them, as well as email hacking. Finally, you will learn how hackers (and unwanted solicitors) find your email and how you can hide it from them, how to send confidential info through email safety, and why you should know and care about email privacy. 


In this video, we dive deep into what makes a good and a bad password. We will explore the inner workings of password crackers and effective strategies for making their life harder, including Multi-factor Authentication. Your passwords are about to become unbreakable!

Public Wifi

In the final section of the training, we go public. Specifically, we explore the perils of public Wi-Fi and will learn why connecting to the Internet through a hotspot on your phone instead may be a better idea when you are on the go. You’ll learn in which cases and how to successfully use VPN to safeguard your information in public spaces, as well as the general do’s and don’ts of public Wi-Fi and other protective measures. 

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