IT Trends for Small and Medium Businesses



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We are coming out the other side of the pandemic into a world that is rather different. Telecommuting is now the norm. Shorter planning horizon is now the norm. Cybercrime is now the norm, as are the raised expectations around digitization, remote collaboration, customer experience, and regulatory compliance. The pandemic aftermath is clear in 2021: many smaller-scale businesses are feeling the need for increase flexibility and the pressure to accelerate their digital transformation.

Discover Main IT Trends for SMBs in 2021


Learn what’s top of mind for the U.S. SMB leaders for 2021 and beyond:


Top IT problems SMBs faced in 2020 and 2021


Top IT needs and challenges SMBs anticipate for 2021 and beyond


What affects SMBs IT buying decisions


Top of mind topics for SMBs for 2021 and beyond


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