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Accounting in the Clouds: Why You Should Host Your QuickBooks Software Online?

QuickBooks is a financial management and accounting software that has been a favorite among businesses of all sizes. With over 4.5 million active users worldwide, QuickBooks comes with three different pricing plans and a trial period. It is easy to use, packs in powerful accounting features and is affordable and easy to master for small businesses. 

However, there is one Quickbooks offering that is essential for remote operations—Quickbooks Online. It’s a cloud-based accounting service that allows you to access your data anywhere, on any device. 

There are many advantages to moving your Quickbooks accounting to the cloud. Here are some of them.

Remote Access

In a world where every business and every workplace is looking for remote working options, it is essential to get your tools hosted on the cloud to provide uninterrupted remote access from anywhere, anytime. Financial information is critical for any business; cloud-based accounting allows you to minimize the effect of lockdowns and other disruptions on your ability to work with your financials. 

24/7 Availability

When you move your QuickBooks solution to the cloud, you can ensure round-the-clock business continuity and get all your remote teams across the globe working in their time zones without any worries. 

Better Support

When you host your QuickBooks accounting on the cloud, you get additional services from the hosting provider. This includes ongoing technical support and guidance into optimized usage of the software solution. An experienced hosting provider can guide you through the setup and ensure a seamless transition and smooth operations. 

Improved Collaboration

As your solution becomes independent of local storage and hardware limitations, you can get more people to work on the same platform and get your work done efficiently. QuickBooks accounting files can be accessed by the members of your remote team from wherever they are—no need to worry about version control.

Better Security

Cloud-hosted solutions come with in-built security features that ensure only authorized access to your Quickbooks data. Advanced security controls like  data encryption, access control, MFA, and many more can be easily integrated into your QuickBooks solution to protect your sensitive information. Your hosting provider can offer additional advanced cybersecurity solutions to further minimize the risks.

Better Disaster Recovery

Local storages are at higher risk of data corruption in the case of a cyber-attack, power failures, or natural disasters. When you move your QuickBooks solution to the cloud, you get automatic backups and a hassle-free disaster recovery solution that will keep you worry-free.

Easy Integration Of Add-Ons

You can integrate third-party add-ons in a breeze with cloud-hosted QuickBooks solutions. Your hosting provider can help you quickly set up any new add-on integrations.

Better Scalability

You can scale up your required resources without having to invest in expensive hardware. Moving to the cloud gives you flexible options to scale up and down your QuickBooks-related resource usage as per your current requirements.

If you think it’s time to move your accounting to the cloud by hosting your Quickbooks solution online, your next step would be to find a hosting provider to host your data. 3nom is a trusted managed service provider and hosting provider in New York, New Jersey and Florida with over 20 years of experience and great recommendations. 

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today to discuss moving your QuickBooks accounting into the cloud.   


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