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Best Cloud Storage Apps for Your Business


At the core of the digital transformation—which has been a primary theme of 2021 for small and medium-sized businesses—is cloud computing. This “everywhere” technology enables secure remote access,  instant scalability of IT best practices, and real-time collaboration that circumvents geographical and temporal boundaries. Various aspects of cloud computing include cloud servers, real-time distributed collaboration, and, of course, cloud storage. 


Benefits of Cloud Storage


The chance is low that you have never crossed paths with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or SharePoint. There are several reasons cloud storage apps permeate the business landscape: 


  1. Anywhere accessibility. The hybridized work environment requires an ability to work from any location and any device, picking up exactly where you left off every time.
  2. Version Control. Forget files with titles like final_final_very_last.docx and errors that slip through the cracks. If the cloud location is established for all the latest versions, it becomes the single source of truth for all stakeholders and reduces errors.
  3. Mobile accessibility. Working on the go means you may only have your phone to look up a file. Cloud storage solutions are optimized for mobile to give you a smoother experience.
  4. Smart search and organization. Cloud storage apps invest a lot in their search capabilities so you can always locate the file you need. 
  5. Disaster-proofing. Losing your machine to an unfortunate spill or a server to a power outage should never be a cause for concern. Storing your important documents in the cloud makes them practically untouchable. 
  6. Security and encryption. Security at scale is one of the key features of top cloud storage solutions. Encryption is the other, which means your files are encrypted when saved into the cloud and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties or even the solution developers.   


Choosing the Best Cloud Storage App for Your Business 

When choosing the best cloud storage tool (or tools) for your business, consider the following factors: 

  1. How much space do you need? Do you intend to store large files or do most of your documents not exceed a few Megabytes?
  2. Do you need to store rare file extensions?
  3. Do you need extra security protection to comply with industry regulations?
  4. How many users do you have and how separate are your teams’ functions?
  5. Does your company use exclusively Macs or PCs, or a mix of both?  


Best Cloud Storage Apps for Every Business



Best cloud storage for a financial and legal firm or a medical practice

To comply with data regulations for your industry, you may need a cloud storage app with additional layers of encryption. Box is one of the best cloud storage solutions for compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, and GDPR, among other regulatory standards. Tresorit is really heavy on security, pairing end-to-end encryption with Swiss data centers (Switzerland has some of the strictest privacy laws that govern the processing of personal and enterprise data, making the country ideal for sensitive data storage).      


Best cloud storage for a construction firm or a manufacturing business

Storing massive databases or blueprints in the cloud may quickly use up the free server storage space. Cloud storage apps like Sync and Storj remove the bandwidth and space limits so you can be sure to never run out of space.     


Best cloud storage for a graphic design or video production firm

Collaboration is key for creative firms. Cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive offer built-in collaboration and word processing, while Adobe Creative Cloud is specifically targeted at creatives using Adobe products.


Best cloud storage for a school

Ease of access and inclusivity pairs with security are the key components of the best cloud storage solution for education. High internet speed or advanced technical knowledge should never be prerequisites to students’ ability to learn. Additionally, you may need multiple teacher and student accounts grouped by subject, level, and so on. Google Drive, Sync, and Dropbox satisfy all of these requirements.    


Best cloud storage for a retailer

Inventory synchronization and transaction security are the main concerns of retailers. If you run your store on Shopify, one of the most popular online merchant services, you got native cloud storage for your inventory and transactions. Alternatively, you can reduce errors by tracking your inventory with Google Drive as most retail platforms allow for seamless integration with this popular cloud storage solution. 


Finding the best cloud solution for your business is not only a matter of trial and error (even though we highly recommend trying out several cloud storage apps to find one to suit your needs). Ideally, your choice of cloud storage tools should be a part of your larger remote work strategy and fit seamlessly into it. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with 3nom experts to discuss your cloud migration strategy.  

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