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Get Wise About Accessing Your Sage Account Remotely


Does your business use the popular Sage software to manage your accounting, finances, payments, or operations? If so, it’s possible you had to adjust to the “new normal” of remote working; most likely, this adjustment hasn’t been as smooth as you would have liked. 


Sage is one of the most popular technology solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses for a reason: it offers a streamlined approach to managing your assets, finances, reporting, staff, and customers. This centralization, while convenient, poses challenges when your employees begin working outside of the secure company network. 


Sage has recently introduced Sage 50cloud Accounting, cloud-based accounting software which allows you to access cash flow, inventory, and reporting remotely. This new level of convenience is surely welcomed by the newly distributed teams, but the question of security remains. After all, accessing critical financial data through an unsecured network may have catastrophic consequences even in the hands of a well-meaning and well-trained employee. 


Earlier this month Sage released a new feature meant to address security concerns for the cloud-based software: Sage Security Shield. This brand new product that provides customers with business ID theft and cyber protection confirmed that the provider is taking security seriously and is responding to market demands. Sage Security Shield focuses on business credit and dark web monitoring and secure business data storage. 


Would this protect your business from cyberattacks? To a degree. Any security add-on that comes with a software product improves the security of that individual product. This means that your risks of internal or external fraud or data loss within Sage 50cloud Accounting will indeed drop. However, your employees likely use more than just Sage, even if they spend the majority of their time in the program. Whether you are running a construction, retail, or consulting business, your staff probably sends emails, makes phone calls, accesses remote drives, and creates text documents and spreadsheets outside of the Sage infrastructure. So it only makes sense to think of adding an umbrella layer of protection to your entire operations in addition to protecting the data within Sage 50cloud. 


Enter 3seat, the virtual office solution by 3nom. It is the missing layer of protection and efficiency that will tie all your cloud-based apps, including Sage, together. Let’s see how: 


  • 3seat virtual office solution starts with the hardware. The security and individual support begin at the infrastructure level, taking away the headache of transitioning your servers, telecommunications, and storage to the cloud. 
  • Intrusion-proof security from the time your employees start their workday till they log out — and during downtime. It is not a surprise that most phishing attacks happen via email. 3seat virtual office ensures a top-class “umbrella” protection from cyberthreats for all the tools your employees use throughout the day. 
  • Reliable backup for all your data—including Sage databases. Not all backups are created equal. At 3seat, we guarantee all your business data, including those stored in cloud-based applications, are secured from accidental loss or damage and can be restored. 
  • Expandable storage to adapt to your changing needs. With the move to remote work, some businesses started generating much more paperwork; your activity within Safe also might have increased. With 3seat, you can be confident to never run out of storage or get hit with a surprise bill for a spike in usage.  
  • You are never alone. 3nom experts are here to solve any technical problems 24/7/365 day per year. We have decades of expertise in hardware and software maintenance, giving you an additional level of confidence that you will always have a trusted partner by your side.     


To sum up, a virtual office solution like 3seat gives you the platform for safe and more efficient use of cloud-based solutions like Sage 50cloud Accounting and desktop-based Sage accounting products. You can create a “virtual office” where you will make phone calls, send emails, and use software that is essential to your business (like Sage), all from the comfort and safety of your own home. This means that you and your team can focus on what you do best — keep the wheels of your business turning. 


Get in touch with your 3nom expert today to discuss how 3seat Virtual Office solution can optimize your work with Sage software and other tools.  

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