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What Do IT Managed Services Companies Do?

Whatever the size of your business, small, big, or mid-level, you will need the help of IT services to run your day-to-day operations. In the increasingly digitized business world, every company needs a solid IT infrastructure to meet its operational requirements. But IT talent is expensive and not every company can afford to payroll a state-of-the-art IT department. Running an IT team takes a lot of investment, time, expertise, and skills. That’s where an IT managed service provider, or MSP, comes in.

An MSP (managed service provider) is a company that focuses on delivering IT-related services such as network set up and maintenance, application stack management and set up, infrastructure, security, and ongoing technical support either remotely or on the customer’s premises. In addition, an MSP typically serves as the outsourced partner for any IT function required by the client.

These services could range from hosting data centers and proactive cybersecurity to providing comprehensive IT infrastructure support. They may either work alongside your internal IT team or add more strength to your team with their resources, thus allowing your staff to focus on priority tasks and leave the daily IT grunt work to the managed service provider.

MSP providers have been on the scene since the 1990s and were used to be called Application Service providers. While these early iterations of IT managed services only covered remote IT infrastructure management, MSPs of the current generation offer a lot more.

Some notable advanced features you can enjoy at affordable and predictable rates via MSP include:

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network
  • Enhanced security
  • Comprehensive security
  • Reliable backups
  • Automation of IT tasks and security monitoring
  • Better backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Remote IT support
  • Virtual office set up and maintenance
  • Centralized management of your complex networks
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Billing management


Reasons Why IT Managed Service Provider Is Essential

There are many reasons why an IT managed service proves to be beneficial to a company:

  • They assist with technology transformations with their expertise and can smoothen the shift towards digital transformation and new technology adoption as and when required.
  • You can get expert skills and fill your talent gap without spending more on recruitment and onboarding all by yourself.
  • They can provide you with the latest tools and technology at an affordable rate.
  • The cost to benefit ratio with IT managed services make them the best fit for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot make expensive investments into IT infrastructure and talent.

Most MSPs use a subscription-based price model and fix their price based on the services requested, the level of expertise, the number of devices to be supported, and other details that demand their assistance at various levels. They will usually draw up an SLA that clearly defines the level of service you can expect from them and the performance and quality aspects guaranteed on their services.

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  • Business process optimization 
  • Custom web and mobile application development
  • Website development
  • Virtual office solutions, and more. 

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