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Main IT Events of 2020 and Their Impact on Private Business

The year 2020 has been unlike any that we have ever witnessed before, mainly due to the global pandemic that reshaped the way we work and use technology. However, many other things happened during the year as well, especially in the IT world. Many of these IT events could have big impacts on your business, so it would be wise for you to be aware of them and their effects. Here are six of the biggest IT events of the year, and what each of them means for your small or medium sized business.


Cyberattack on Hospitals 

This event saw a large ransomware attack take down Universal Health Services’ networks and PCs. Their hospital facilities were left to charting and labeling medication with pencil and paper in many cases. This put a tremendous strain on their resources and stressed the importance of proper security and preparedness. Your business should have proper training and systems in place to prevent such an attack; however, you need a solid plan in place for continuing operations in the event your systems are compromised.


Sunsetting of Windows 7 

If your company still uses Windows 7, now is the time to change! With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 7, this means that any security issues or vulnerabilities that are identified will no longer be addressed. If you continue to use this platform, you could be setting yourself up as a target for cybercriminals. Migrating away from Win7 does not have to be a lengthy or complicated process, but it is something that should be addressed by your business right away.


Google Antitrust Lawsuit 

You may not even be aware yet, but 2020 saw the U.S. Justice Department file a lawsuit against Google for breaking certain antitrust laws. The suit alleges that Google used improper, exclusive agreements with cell phone manufacturers to become the default search engine on their mobile devices. But that was just the beginning as the legislators opened a full scale attack against tech monopolies, including federal suits against Google and Facebook at the end of the year. This means that the time may be ripe for business owners like yourself to get creative with advertising, SEO, and marketing in general. On the plus side, those who play their hand right in this turmoil will likely win the trust of their customer base as well as save by choosing alternative providers. 


Explosion of Remote Work 

It is no secret that COVID19 has changed the way that we work and exploded the adoption of remote work. In fact, first time installations of Zoom have risen by 728% in 2020 and Microsoft Teams has seen a 500% increase in meetings and conferences through the platform. Roughly 25% of company leaders state that they expect the number of people working remotely full-time to more than double over the next two years. This means that your business needs to make sure it has the technology in place to handle these changes to allow your employees to work remotely as necessary. Put processes and plans in place for both technology and expectations of remote workers so that you can continue business as usual when employees need to transition out of the office. Virtual office is a great place to start. 

Facebook Shopify Launch & Instagram Direct Selling 

This year Facebook and Instagram have made it even easier for business owners to sell their products directly on these super popular platforms. Facebook’s partnership with Shopify allows businesses to connect their Facebook page and their online store, providing a seamless experience where customers can purchase items directly from their Facebook page. The Instagram direct selling, or “shoppable posts,” experience is very similar. This makes it even more important for your business to maintain consistent branding and a social presence across multiple channels. Having a consistent, predictable brand across all channels leads to higher customer trust and more sales!


Federal Trade Commission Sues Facebook

 The FTC has sued Facebook claiming that the social media giant is a monopoly that should be broken up and that it puts advertising profits ahead of its users’ concerns. Facebook and Apple have also traded jabs at each other over their targeted advertising systems and rules. Facebook is claiming that Apple is harming small businesses by making it impossible to target potential customers with proper advertising. Regardless of the outcome, your business needs to be aware of these happenings so that you can shift your advertising appropriately. If you rely heavily on Facebook ads, then you might have to look elsewhere for additional business in the future.


Many of these events may have a big impact on the way your business operates, so make sure that you stay plugged into the latest developments with these stories. Don’t have the time to track tech news on top of running your business? Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider like 3nom will not only save you money, but will also ensure that your business is always on top of the game when it comes to technology, regulations, and critical news so you can focus on what you do best—running your business in 2021. Get in touch with your IT experts at 3nom today to map out the course! 

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