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People of 3nom: Andrew Samole, Full-Stack Developer


At 3nom, we value passion, commitment, and growth. We will even go as far as saying that without these qualities, it is nearly impossible to create worthwhile IT products. Passion means that we live and breathe our clients’ needs and businesses. Commitment means that we always hold our clients’ interests front and center and make choices informed and driven by them. Finally, growth means both individual and collective; it is the innate desire to outdo ourselves, and the mutual support that makes the 3nom team so much more than the sum of its members. 


Andrew Samole joined 3nom as a full-stack engineer less than a year ago straight out of college and immediately embodied these essential qualities and more. Founder of a digital marketing agency, Andrew augments his programming expertise with an eye for detail and big picture vision. In a short time since joining the company, Andrew has proven himself to be an integral part of 3nom’s mission-critical projects such as PrestoAPI. (He will also be judging the upcoming Hackathon!) We chatted with Andrew about   


How would you describe what you do to your grandma? 


I am a web and mobile app developer. I build apps and websites for some great companies. 


So Andrew, how did you get into technology and programming? 


Well, my parents got me a computer when I was 10, and they couldn’t keep me off it. For me, it started with gaming. Gradually, I started dabbling in graphic design and eventually picked up programming in high school. The rest is history. 


What attracts you the most to programming? 


I think more than anything, it is the ability to stay ahead of the curve and learn new things. The world of technology is in constant motion; luckily, I enjoy learning new programming techniques and adopting new technologies to solve challenges of all sizes.  


What about 3nom, what attracted you to working here? 


I enjoy small working environments. I find that it’s easier to socialize and work side by side with different people within the company. 3nom has this vibrant startup feel paired with impressive expertise. The drive to problem-solve while having fun here is contagious. 


What is the main thing you learned on the job so far? 


Every single project, I’ve upgraded my knowledge. Not just from figuring out the best tech stack or programming approach, but from learning from every team member. We all work on different projects, but always find time to support each other. Avrohom is a big picture guy, database set up, server set up, figuring out the most complex systems. Lana provides a different perspective, catching things I wouldn’t otherwise catch. Carlos gives design tips from the UX perspective. 


Any unexpected personal lessons you learned from working at 3nom? 


Let’s just say that prior to 3nom, I had only marginal knowledge about taxes, 401(k)s, and mortgages. I also never dealt with clients on the level we do here at 3nom: it is a deeply personal partnership I haven’t experienced before and don’t stop learning more about. 


What is one thing you want non-tech businesses to know about app development?


I think many people don’t realize that an app can take a week to build but two weeks or more to debug. It is easy to throw some code together; the elegance and efficiency come from thoroughness and commitment. 


I keep hoping for an anecdote from your life here at 3nom…


Well, one day Avrohom was trying to start a generator in his full office attire under a pouring rain so we can have the power to complete projects on time…

That’s the spirit! Now, let’s imagine there were no apps or websites left to create. What would you be doing for a living? 


I would be either a graphic designer or a doctor. I know, these are worlds apart! 

Any book or podcast recommendations? 

Chaos Monkeys. It illustrates a dream of mine: launching a startup in Silicon Valley and making millions. 


That’s a good one! Finally, Andrew, what, in your opinion, separates a great IT company from the rest? 


Two things. First, the team: their expertise and the level of collaboration they developed. Second, flexibility and tolerance. At 3nom, we don’t work off the templates and encourage daring approaches and thinking. It is alright to dare, fail, learn, and come up with another solution. And I believe this truly benefits our clients. 


Do you have a project for Andrew or someone else on 3nom’s team of experts? Get in touch to discuss how we can propel your business forward. 

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