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Revitalize Your Real Estate Business with This Tech


When most people think of a real estate business, they often do not immediately consider the latest and greatest in technology. However, between a mount of paperwork associated with buying and selling real estate (a bulk of it containing sensitive personal information), in-person walk-throughs and inspections, and continuous communication with clients, the industry is ripe for optimization through technology. Technology is quickly changing nearly every aspect of our lives, especially in time of social distancing and cyberthreats, and your real estate business is no different. If you have not explored ways that new technology can change your real estate business, then now is the time! Here are a few pieces of technology that you should consider implementing in your business right away. They could be real game-changers for you!


Documents Management System

We don’t have to tell you how many document a real estate agent creates and touches throughout a lifetime of a transaction. If your document flow is still largely physical, with folders stacked up on your desk and in cabinets, right now it the perfect time to reassess your approach. 


A document management system is a software solution that allows you to store and manage all your documents digitally, have them conveniently organized and easily (and securely!) accessible from anywhere. The latter is hard to underestimate in our current reality, isn’t it? You can ditch the copier, scanner, printer, and the fear of losing all your records to a flood which happens more frequently in empty buildings which tenants work from home. Instead, create lease, buy and sell packages instantly from the comfort of your home. As a bonus, most document management systems provide extra security features such as automated backups giving you even more peace of mind. 



E-Signature Platform

Do you still have to meet your clients in person every time a document needs to be signed? Think about how many times this occurs during a real estate transaction. Multiple disclosures, contracts, addendums, and various other documents need to be signed to keep the deal moving forward. Not only can this take up a lot of your time, but it can also be a hassle for your client to find the time to sign these documents, let alone dealing with the concern of their personal information falling in the wrong hands or contracting a disease. Luckily, many of the real-estate documents can be e-signed within a matter of minutes.

Clients no longer want the hassle of meeting to sign documents in person. They want to receive an email with a link to the document so that they can electronically sign everything. By implementing an e-signature platform in your real estate business, you are saving yourself time and making your client’s life easier. This item is at the top of the list because it is an absolute must in today’s world.



Virtual Home Tours

Virtual home tours are the new open houses. Not only do potential buyers get to virtually walk through the home and take a tour, but they get to do it on their schedule from wherever they are located. This is beneficial for many reasons. First, it makes things safer for both the buyer and seller. You no longer need to allow strangers through your home just so they can see how it flows. With a virtual tour, potential buyers can easily stroll through the home and determine whether it might be a good fit without visiting in person.

In addition, virtual tours make your pool of potential buyers larger. With a virtual tour, buyers from out of town can look at houses and might even make an offer without physically visiting the home. This can be especially true in areas where out of town buyers purchase property for investment. With a well-done virtual tour, out of town buyers can walk the property and make an offer (and sign the documents) without ever meeting in person. This could lead to lots of extra business for your real estate company.



CRM System

Sure, you probably already keep a list of contacts, right? But a list of contacts is completely different from a true Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM system is so much more than just a list of contacts. Yes, it does contain contact information like name, address, phone, and email. However, it also contains information about interactions and touchpoints with each contact. For example, when did you last speak to the person and what was the conversation about? You also have access to easy reporting features. For instance, suppose you need to quickly find all your contacts who are interested in a 4-bedroom home with a pool. With a CRM, you can do that within a matter of seconds.

High-end CRM systems also have advanced artificial intelligence features built-in. This means that they can make suggestions such as which contacts you need to reach out to this week or which homes may be a good fit for specific contacts in your list. This technology can completely change the way you manage your real estate business for the better. It can lead to better relationships with your clients, more sellers, and more buyers! And all those equal more business for you!

If your real estate business needs a technology makeover, thee four items mentioned above will transform the experience for you and your clients. You can save yourself time while making your clients’ lives easier, which is a win-win for any business. And the best part is, none of the items discussed are going to break the bank. They are great investments that can all be implemented with minimal cost. Looking for a bundled deal and a trusted IT partner to maange it all for you? Reach out to 3nom, the leading managed service provides in New York, New Jersey, and Florida today!




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