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Running a Business Without In-House IT


As unemployment claims top $22 Million amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more resumes of former in-house IT support specialists are popping up on hiring platforms. This means that for many small and medium-sized businesses, cutting costs meant grudgingly eliminating their in-house IT support roles and replacing them… with what? 


Despite the explosive growth of SaaS solutions and the wide availability of outsourced IT services, many companies still struggle with layers upon layers of legacy systems that do nothing to improve the work experience at best or are detrimental at worst. Prior to the pandemic, these systems were often managed and maintained by your in-house IT specialist. 


Now that this person is no longer with the company, someone has to pick up the slack. The problem here is that for most of your other employees, the legacy labyrinth of servers, routers, and software licenses is worse than being stuck in a game of Pacman. Plus, they have their own jobs to do. 


For a while, you may get by putting out fires by yourself or with the help of another relatively tech-savvy employee. But in these stressful times, a reactive approach to your IT is the worst approach. Now is not a good time to put your finances, customer and business data, operations, and the success of your telecommuting employees at risk. Today, your IT needs to work for you harder than ever before. 


Enter a Managed Service Provider, aka an MSP. It’s a team of experts you can outsource all your IT to at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. The caveat? It is hard to find a trustworthy one. However, businesses that do enjoy not just 24/7 access to skilled technical support but the full breadth of a proactive approach to their entire IT infrastructure, next-level data security, and improved efficiency and flexibility for their employees due to the cloud services like 3seat Virtual Office.  


Here are just some ways outsourcing IT to an MSP can strengthen your business’s technical foundation: 

  1. Tighter security.
  2. More flexibility with remote work and collaboration.
  3. Higher productivity with automation.
  4. Smoother sailing with proactive network monitoring and server maintenance.
  5. Guaranteed data backup and recovery.
  6. Asset management for efficiency and savings.
  7. Accurate and timely reporting.
  8. Effortless scaling or downsizing without the hassles of purchasing or selling equipment.
  9. 24/7 technical support and much more. 


While larger companies and corporations may not be able to succeed without a full IT department on payroll, this is one area where smaller businesses can score big. Outsourcing your IT strategy and day-to-day operations into the hands of experts with decades of experience will most likely save you time and money through optimization, automation, and a cost-efficient set-up designed for your specific business. 


There is no need to go all in. We recommend our clients to start small to see if 3nom is the right MSP for you. Let’s chat and find out.

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