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What Is SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is a cloud-based security endpoint solution that helps securely manage business processes. It streamlines the various aspects of business processes like data, access control, IoT security, cloud workload protection, endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and more. The tool provides a comprehensive view of the network and allows you to manage digital assets in real-time and add on an enhanced security layer.

SentinelOne boasts several top-notch security certifications and awards like MITR ATT&CT APT29 report, VB100 certification, Gartner Best Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Solutions, Gartner Best Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP)  and has gotten a high score on the Passmark’s Jan 2019 Performance test. It is also ISO 27001 compliant.

SentinelOne Use Cases

SentinelOne is a popular network security solution embraced by many industries like finance, energy, education, and healthcare.

As it uses the endpoint security approach, it is used in applications that use multiple channels like workstations, mobile phones, tablets, and more as entry points to the network making it a perfect solution for remote work. SentinelOne allows for the detection and elimination of threats originating from any of the network endpoints.

Another use case from SentinelOne is improved protection against cyberthreats. SentinelOne provides remediation capabilities that mitigate cyber-attack impacts with the help of machine learning and automation.

Some notable features of SentinelOne are:

  • Attack anticipation and detection
  • Auto immunization and restoration
  • Detect threats at early stages
  • Endpoint protection
  • Machine learning and AI-backed threat analysis
  • Security integrations
  • Antivirus update and replacement
  • Ransomware protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Deep file inspection, and more.

SentinelOne Benefits

SentinelOne allows for advanced control of security features with options like dynamic blacklisting and whitelisting, AI-supported threat detection, and secured privacy.

Some key benefits of SentinelOne for SMBs are: 

  • Easy and accessible integration of all your applications and data on a single platform.
  • Zero downtime meaning your security protection is always up and running.
  • SentinelOne is most famous for its early detection of network security threats and can analyze huge volumes of documents, credentials, files, storage, and browsers with deep inspection at a relatively fast pace.
  • Features like auto immunization and automatic restoration also make it the best choice for applications that cannot tolerate downtimes.
  • SentinelOne is essentially believed to be an anti-virus replacement as it provides better privacy options and handles sensitive information better.

The only considerations that customers cite about adopting SentinelOne is the learning curve involved as it is a cloud-based application. This is where an IT partner like 3nom, the top-rated MSP in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, comes in. We have started offering SentinelOne implementation to our clients, including all the training you’ll need to feel in control of this advanced IT solution. 

Do I Need SentinelOne? 

SentinelOne has been gaining traction with MSPs because it effectively addresses multiple security concerns in a single package and provides a lightweight, advanced and reliable security solution. SentinelOne has recently raised $120 million in Series D funding for further development. 

Deciding if SentinelOne is right for your business comes down to the complexity of your networks and diversity of your endpoints, as well as the effectiveness of your existing security solutions. Most likely, if your staff works remotely, you handle many data sets, and are concerned about keeping your business protected against cyber attacks, it is worth looking into SentinelOne. Contact 3nom today to discuss the specific use case for your business. 

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