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What Are the Benefits of Endpoint Detection Response?

Think your network is safe just because you have anti-virus software installed? Think again! Many attacks are never recognized by anti-virus software, thus handing the attackers access to your systems and data for days or maybe even weeks before you realize it. You do not want to learn about a data breach from law enforcement or your even your own customers. This is where the endpoint detection response (EDR) comes in. This cutting-edge security tech helps you prevent these “silent” breaches while seamlessly providing many other benefits that take your data security to the next level. Here are just a few of the many great benefits of EDR.

Increased Visibility

Traditional security attacks usually occurred when a malicious file or payload was dropped into a system and then executed the actions contained inside it. Hence, traditional security systems use file creation or some other event to trigger scans. Hackers have gotten more creative today and often make use of file-less attacks. These attacks often avoid triggering traditional antivirus software allowing hackers access to your system without you even knowing it.

EDR technology provides much more visibility into what is happening within your network. With this kind of tool, you get a birds-eye view of everything that is happening on the endpoints of your system. You can monitor these actions manually or use advanced analytics and AI to automatically respond to events that look suspicious or malicious. It is like having your own personal doorman who is there to monitor all activity that occurs at your front door!


Real-Time Monitoring

In addition to the increased visibility, EDR delivers a real-time view of what is happening on your system at any moment in time. Unlike legacy antivirus that performed scans every week or every day, EDR systems monitor in real-time and can alert you immediately of potential threats or intrusions. This allows you to respond faster and mitigate the attacks before they do 

any significant damage. 


Should you need to check historical logs or view events from the past, you can do that too. Remember the doorman 

from the previous section? Lucky for you, he also has a perfect memory! Access the EDR database to get detailed information about historical events like process creation, drivers loading, connections being made, memory writing, and more and use that to help prevent future attacks.


Rollback Capability

In the past, if your device got infected, your only option was to attempt the removal of the malicious code. Sometimes that is easier said than done as many malware programs are extremely sophisticated. However, with endpoint detection and response, you can roll that device back to its pre-infected state. Imagine how much time and effort that could save in dealing with attacks and infections and restoring devices to a clean state. This advanced trick has a high chance of rendering most attacks essentially useless, giving you much more power and control over your digital properties.  


AI On Your Side

Hackers were always finding ways to stay one step ahead of traditional antivirus software. Since that kind of software scans for known files and patterns, the bad guys were always looking for ways to outsmart it. Once they did, they could 

exploit the gaps in the systems until the antivirus software could catch up. Endpoint detection and response helps prevent that. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to look for patterns in processes and events that could signal a potential attack. By analyzing millions of historical actions, this software can see patterns that might never be visible to a human analyst. This increases the likelihood that a potential attack will be detected and contained before any damage is done. In addition, it can assist with identifying the proper remediation techniques for a specific event so that you can be certain the same intrusion does not happen again.



While it may be impossible to guarantee 100% threat protection, endpoint detection and response or EDR systems help you stay a few steps ahead of the attackers. They provide increased visibility, faster detection and response, and AI-based analytics to assist with response and remediation. EDR is a great option for containing attacks before the attacker can move laterally in the network. This advanced technology is not freely available on the market, so make sure to find the right provider for your business. Reach out to 3nom, the leading MSP for New York, New Jersey, and Florida, anytime to learn more about EDR and how you can use it to protect your business. Contact 3nom today

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