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7 Things Private Businesses Can and Should Automate

Automation is a powerful tool that every business big and small can use to cut costs, boost productivity, remove tedious tasks, and increase customer satisfaction. There are tons of automation tools. However, many businesses find themselves forced to fit their processes into the automation molds offered by the providers instead of honoring—and automating—the ways they naturally do business. 

At 3nom, we love designing custom automation tools that allow businesses to focus on their core competencies and save precious resources. This is part of our service as a managed service provider and something we excel in. In fact, business process automation is one of our CTO’s Avrohom Liberman’s personal passions. Let’s take a look at seven things any business can and should automate to run better.


Customer Lead Management

Cultivating customers can be difficult. Fortunately, powerful new CRM software can automate much of the tedious work. You can automate lead scoring, send out emails through drip campaigns, and more. 

Selecting the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can be difficult as there are many options. Maximizing CRM software to reduce headaches and to increase automation is even trickier.

Fortunately, the CRM software experts at 3nom can help. 

Invoicing and Billing

Invoicing can be a huge pain in the neck, but things have improved in recent years. Thirty years ago, sending an invoice often meant playing phone and mail tag with the other party. Now, powerful software programs let you quickly, easily, and automatically send invoices. 

Meanwhile, the paying party can often simply click on a few links, plug in their payment information, and make payment. A once tedious process that stretched out over the course of days can often be completed in a matter of minutes.

Found that no invoicing software quite hits the spot? Get in touch with 3nom! Automatic invoicing without redundancies and bulk is one of our areas of expertise.

Customer Support and Customer Service

Chatbots are one of the most powerful automation tools you can use. You can install chatbots on Facebook, on your website, and elsewhere. Then, once the bot is up and running, it can automatically answer questions and provide customers with information.

Chatbots are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In practice, this means you can provide customer service around the clock. This makes your company more responsive and should lead to higher customer satisfaction rates.


Wrangling everyone together for meetings can be a pain. So too is sending out reminders and all of the like. Automated scheduling software can now handle much of the tedious work, helping you set meetings with the team, candidates during the recruitment process, or customers, sending out reminders, and when necessary, rescheduling. 

This software and other automation software will also help you manage your schedule. You’ll see when you have free time, when you’re blocked out, and more.

Managing Social Media

Most businesses now recognize that social media is a great, affordable way to connect with customers, build an audience, and define their brand. However, actually managing social media can be a hassle. Logging in to post content, for example, is time-consuming. 

Social media dashboards allow you to schedule posts well in advance. You can log in to one dashboard and manage numerous accounts as well. You can even use automated programs to create content, such as posts about your products.

Security Automation

IT security is a huge issue. At 3nom, we continuously work with small businesses to secure their IT infrastructure. We’ve found that automation can be a potent tool in the cybersecurity toolbox. With automation, you can apply updates, monitor for suspicious behavior, and more. 

If you have questions or concerns about IT security, get in touch with 3nom immediately. Security issues need to be addressed right away. 

Any Repetitive Task

In general, any recurring task that your business depends on can, and probably should be automated. Think of data backup (most businesses with in-house IT don’t back up nearly as often as they should!), inventory updates, payroll, responding to and managing emails, new employee onboarding, the list goes on and on. 

The best part? When done well, business process automation lives on. Some of 3nom’s clients still use the solutions custom-built by 3nom nearly a decade ago and have attributed their business growth to the cost-saving that comes with automation. Automating repetitive tasks out of existence even tends to increase employee satisfaction as they can focus their efforts on more impactful parts of their jobs. 

Get in touch with your 3nom expert today to discuss how we can remove your process bottlenecks and set you up with the tools to work smarter, not harder.  

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