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How Outsourcing Your IT Can Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Chances are, Information Technology isn’t your bread and butter. Whether you’re a doctor, accountant, school principal, or retailer, your strengths probably lie elsewhere. And while IT may not be top of mind for you on a daily basis, we bet that customer service is. As it should: most businesses, no matter how large or small, depend heavily on their existing customer base and can’t afford to lose them. Exceptional customer service is what keeps your business top of mind for customers and prompts them to return to you again and again. Yet many businesses hamper their own ability to deliver top-notch customer experience with IT that doesn’t keep up.

We live in a digital age and sound information technology is more important than ever before. That’s why many businesses whose expertise lies elsewhere are outsourcing their IT needs to third-party managed service providers. At 3nom, IT is our passion and we work hard every day to deliver excellent technological solutions for our clients. 

By outsourcing your IT to a committed managed service provider (MSP) you can improve customer experience. Your customers will receive a prompt, personalized, and effective service while you won’t have to deal with IT-related headaches and risks. We’ll handle them for you. 

Let’s take a look at how improving your IT infrastructure through outsourcing can benefit your company and your customers.

Faster Websites, Reliable Phones, Better Apps

First, when you work with a managed service provider, such as 3nom, we can help you build a cost-effective, world-class IT infrastructure. This will benefit both your business and your customers. Your IT infrastructure covers a lot of things, including:

  • Phone systems
  • Servers
  • Website
  • Database security
  • Chatbots
  • Apps

Do you know what phone system will work best for your business? Often, a simple consumer line and an answering machine isn’t the best choice. You could miss calls and sales with the wrong system. Meanwhile, customers won’t appreciate how hard it is to get in touch.

How about your server and web hosting? Cheap servers and hosting can produce slow websites and apps. Customers are impatient and fickle; they don’t want to wait for your apps to load. By working with a managed service provider, you can ensure that your whole IT infrastructure is up to speed. 

Around the Clock Support

By outsourcing  your IT, you can provide around the clock customer support. For example, frequently asked customer questions can be answered by a well-designed email autoresponder or a friendly chatbot 24 hours a day. Tons of companies are using automated communications, but many of them are poorly set up and struggle to properly respond to customer inquiries. 3Nom can help you build customer service automations that truly “get” your customers and their needs. Prompt responses and service are an excellent way to improve customer experience. 

Increased Security Reduces Liabilities and Protects Customers

Cybersecurity is something customers and clients never really “experience” until something goes wrong. No customer wants to wake up to an email informing them that confidential data has been exposed due to a security breach. A customer could be at risk of identity theft and other disruptions.

Sound cybersecurity will protect both your customers and your business. Data breaches cost an American business on average $8.19 million. In some cases, businesses are even pushed into bankruptcy because of hacks and breaches. 

By working with the cybersecurity experts at 3nom, you can mitigate risks, protecting both your business and customers.

Get Back Online Quickly

Problems with your IT infrastructure can emerge, especially if you’re trying to handle them yourself. Perhaps an intern deleted a vital file or software program by mistake. Or maybe there’s a bug in your code. If IT isn’t your main area of focus, troubleshooting can be a real hassle.

As a result, your IT infrastructure might be knocked offline. However, when you work with a managed service provider, you’ll have a team of IT experts on call and ready to solve your IT problems 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means you can get things up and running quickly. This also means you can get back to serving customers quicker as well, not making them suffer through downtime.

Build a Relationship

The genuine, profound relationship and resonance with their customers is what separates thriving businesses from the rest. The key here is understanding each of your customers’ individual needs and to serve up exactly what they need, at exactly the right time. While it certainly takes more than technology to build this level of trust and personalization, a proper IT stack can help.

It starts with a CRM—a customer relationship system for managing all your customer interactions, capturing preferences, and tracking activities and support tickets. The market is brimming with solutions of all kinds and for all budgets, and your 3nom experts are here to guide you through choosing and setting up a CRM to take your relationships with your customers to the next level. 

Automate Everything

Well, not everything, but enough to keep you focused on more strategic tasks such as business development, sourcing, and so on. Some of the things you can automate for a better customer experience are emails (personalized through the magic of a CRM you have just set up), order updates (no more “Where is my order?” emails and calls!), customer satisfaction surveys and analytics (for continuous improvement), birthday and anniversary special offers to customers, and more.   

Outsourcing Your IT Is Often the Best Choice

So what’s the takeaway from all this? Outsourcing your IT will make your customers and your bottom line happier without any extra risks and headaches for you. Get in touch with your 3nom expert today to start offering the customer experience your customers deserve.

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