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Top Productivity Tips From a Managed Service Provider Available 24/7 During the Pandemic


By now, most of us have been working remotely for weeks. For some, this isn’t the first telecommuting rodeo and you may not feel like your rhythm has been disrupted. Others have been quick to adapt and may have a routine in place that allows us to stay somewhat sane while juggling work, family and friends, and housekeeping. 


However, upon closer inspection, remote work looks much less utopic than it once did. Both research and our internal office conversations prove that many of us are still adjusting and are facing some of the biggest remote work challenges. It turns out, the drastic change of environment may and does affect our productivity, no matter how committed we are to our duties. 


All 3nom clients know that they can reach us, their Managed Service Provider, 24/7 365 days per year, and COVID-19 didn’t change this. So, we got on Zoom with our newly remote 3nom colleagues and brainstormed some tips and tricks that help each of us stay motivated, productive, on track, and on top of our game in quarantine, day after day.   



“My days became more fragmented, so I am focused on improving concentration and bringing multitasking to a minimum. One approach that helps me be more productive in getting things out the door is grouping tasks by tool or focus area. So, if I’m crunching numbers in Excel for a client, I might check some 3nom forecasting off the list; if I’m looking at analytics for 3nom, I will take care of the reporting for a client who uses the same analytics framework as us. This way, I can cover more ground with fewer clicks and take taken to refocus.” — Abe Sasson, Managing Partner


“I preach automation with 3nom clients and practice what I preach in my work. Taking a couple of hours to automate manual tasks that may drain my energy is worth it when the result is more uninterrupted time and brain space to wrestle everything that is going on right now into submission. Some examples are automated status reports, issue flagging, and more.” — Avrohom Liberman, CTO



“I write everything down, even things that may appear insignificant. It may seem odd but in the end, I always have the latest status on projects, questions that need to be answered, and items to work on if I need to shift gears for a moment. Pouring my to-do list out on paper and not mulling over it in my head helps me focus and stay productive.” — Lana Pant, Project Manager 


“To be more productive, I create systems and processes around things that I do regularly. For example, two hours in the morning may be checking and responding to email in a set order while drinking my coffee, followed by creating a to-do list for the day arranged in the order of priority. After lunch, I may review our latest client success data to get me inspired for some connecting and prospecting. It may seem repetitive but in reality, it feels intentional and take the pressure of uncertainty off me.” — Alex Phillips, Director of Business Development​


“When I’m done with one large task and before moving on to the other, I like to take a break to do a quick round of exercise or just a stroll outside to refocus my eyes and mind. When I’m back, I feel fresh and ready to tackle the next thing on the to-do list.” — Aroon Duncanson, Marketing Director


“Visualizing all things on my plate in terms of their value and impact as their relative size helps me prioritize AND remember what I should be focusing on. I always start with the largest. Then, after one massive bubble is popped, I get a surge of energy to go after the next one.” — Carlos Viso, Lead UI Designer



“I find I’m the most productive when I set a focus for the day. Knowing what I want to achieve and feel like at the end of the day fuels me to keep going. Also, a cup of pour-over coffee and an occasional cookie definitely help.” — Aliza Levinger, Developer


“I write a to-do list and then match my music to its general mood: rock or punk for coding, classical for debugging, reggae for big picture thinking. Weird but it works.” — Braulio Barros, Lead Technical Engineer



3nom is here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help.


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